Getting A Stair Lift Installed To Increase Safety

Walking up and down the stairs is something that is hard for many people who are over 65 or struggle with medical conditions that effect their mobility. Not just is climbing up and down the stairs challenging, but it can be dangerous so, many people opt to set up a stair lift.

A fall down the stairs can be devastating and is the leading reason for hospitalization and unintentional death among individuals over 65 For this factor, many prevent the stairs or depend on loved ones to assist them. In some cases the inability to securely utilize the stairs might seem cause for a dramatic life modification, such as a move, however none of this is essential if you opt to install a stair lift, which are likewise often called stair chairs.

A stair chair gets its name, due to the fact that an individual is able to move up and down the stairs in a chair. A track is secured to the stairs and an electric motor then moves the chair along the track. Depending on the kind of lift, some can supporting over 500 pounds. These models are considered sturdy stair chairs as well as include seats that are larger and enhanced. Most non-heavy task raises assistance around 350 pounds.

Individuals who have straight stairs are generally able to install a stair lift for much less than the cost of a domestic elevator. In these cases, the stairway lift can likewise be set up with no major house remodeling and frequently in less than a week. Several DIY packages are offered that can be set up in only a few hours. If you do not feel comfortable or certified to do the setup, you can have the lift professionally installed also, which still costs considerably less than an elevator.

Those that have a straight stairs or one that is ‘L’ shaped and has a 90 degree bend, can typically set up a straight stair chair with little difficulty, but those with curved actions are not so lucky. A curved lift will have to be custom developed and professionally set up. Usually the expense is at least a hundred times more than a routine stair chair. The curved lift likewise will just work for the staircase it was created, which considerably restricts the resale value. In this case, a domestic elevator is an excellent alternative.

Unlike the curved lift, the elevator will recover much of its preliminary cost when your house is offered. Numerous quality property elevator packages are available that can quickly be retro-fitted into a home. They can be installed into wooden frames, without the requirement of having a brick or concrete elevator shaft. A vertical area between floors is necessary, but often times a corridor closet provides the best area. Given that the expense and time it takes to construct and install a curved lift and an elevator are relatively the very same, the elevator is almost always the beneficial choice.

Using a stair chair or an elevator is an exceptional method to reduce the danger of a fall. In many circumstances they can be quickly installed for a really budget friendly rate, without requiring excessive house construction.