Prepare Your Home for a New Stair Lift Installation

For many disabled individuals, having a stair lift installed in ones home is the chance to regain or retain their freedom, although their mobility may be reduced due to age, sickness or an accident. Whether or not the decreased mobility is lasting or brief, having just one of these machines in your home can make a vital life-changing difference, with many individuals able to totally enjoy their home again because of them.

There certainly are various sorts of stair lift, running from curved lifts to straight ones, and the latter can also be installed on a curved stairwell for a cheaper option as opposed to a more high-priced curved stair lift. Both of these types of lifts will need to be installed professionally for best final results and so that the products can be used confidently and accurately.

Commonly, stairlift installation is performed by the business that’s supplied the stair lift to the homeowner, and professional developers and service technicians will be certain that the device is positioned into place as quickly and as carefully as possible. Regarding curved stair equipment this can take more time due to the tailored design of the stair equipment, where straight lifts often tend to be a substantially simpler undertaking.

Irrespective of the equipment that you have settled upon, getting ready for the machinery to be positioned is crucial. This includes making some preparations in your house for your personal convenience and ease of use as well as making sure the area is at the ready for contractors to function in.

You will need first off to obtain a game plan of how the stair lift installation is going to be performed in order for you to prep your stairwell and your house. Normally, the contractor or builder that will be carrying out the work will explain extensively and very carefully what is going to happen so that you can finalize any preparatory tasks.

The basic tasks that will typically need to be undertaken include clearing the way for the lift to get installed. This also includes cleaning the passages to ensure the contractor can carry all his or her hardware through the home to the stairway to execute the set up.

Lots of folks are concerned that they will need to take up their stair carpet and rugs for stairlift installation to occur, but this is normally not the circumstance. Only in very extraordinary occasions will this be requested, although it is truly worth asking your contractor in advance just in case.

Typically, the appliance is positioned over the carpet or rug, so there is no need to lift any carpet or lift any of your wallpaper. Alternatively, the essential thing to make sure of is that the space is free of home furniture, wall hangings, tools and other equipment or decorations so that the service technician can work easily without risking destroying any of your property.

You will also need to keep in mind that putting in one of these devices can mean a lot of dust is created, so you will need to be prepared to cover any furniture with dust sheets and perhaps arrange for a professional cleaner to come to your property on the day after the installation has been completed. You will also have to air your house to rid it of dust after the fitting.

It is also a good idea to think about installing telephones, emergency alarms and intruder alarms at the top and bottom of your stairs, as this will help you if you find yourself stranded up or downstairs in the case that your new lift malfunctions.

If necessary, arrange for a family member or care professional help you organize all of these things so that you are well prepared in advance of your stair lift installation. By making sure there is plenty of space for your technician to work, ensuring that dust and dirt is cleaned up afterwards and that you have safety devices both up and downstairs, you will be ready to enjoy your new lift.